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Remedies for that bad New Year's Eve hangover

As always drink responsibly, but even the most responsible wake up with the worst headaches from the night before.

TEXAS, USA — 6 News Digital searched high and low so you wouldn't have to scroll on Google New Year's Day looking for cures for a bad hangover.

Chances are the light would be a lot on your eyes. 

Here are the top five best cures (in no specific order) for hangovers : 

1. Sleep

Sleep is always the first thing you should try especially if you have a migraine or a hangover. According to Healthline, a health magazine, a lack of sleep can make your hangover much worse. Time and a nice nap overall is the best way to recover. But some of us don't always get the weekend to recuperate! 

2. Pedialyte

According to Healthline, doctors say Pedialyte works faster than a lot of other home remedies. Especially because it's used to replenish your electrolytes and prevent dehydration. 

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water, like Pedialyte, helps with dehydration and is perfect for those difficult hangovers. Doctors agree too.

Dr. Siddhat Bhargava, nutritionist and co-founder of Food Darzee, told Vogue he believed in the properties of the beverage. “One of the easiest and healthiest hacks to quickly hydrate is to have coconut water,” he stated in the article about the benefits of coconut water.

4. Ginger 

Doctors say ginger is a good remedy for headaches and nausea. Its health qualities help with dehydration as well as digestion for an upset stomach. HealthGrades, an online health magazine, cited a study done with cancer patients receiving chemotherapy treatment that found ginger reduced vomiting by 60% and fatigue by 80%.  

5. A Clean Breakfast

A greasy hearty breakfast, doctors say, is not a good cure contrary to popular opinion. A clean breakfast is needed in order to help recharge you for the day. According to Cleveland Clinic physician Dr. James Roach, it's best to focus on foods that help hydrate.  Roach describes water-rich foods such as watermelon, strawberries and cantaloupe. 

Even though these are all good remedies that help with hangovers, remember to always drink responsibly. Enjoy your New Year's knowing you won't have a bad headache like your family and friends. 

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