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Baylor's offense silences the noise against Iowa State

The Bears struggled in a noisy atmosphere against BYU, but the offense didn't allow Cyclones fans to impact them in Ames

AMES, Iowa — College football Saturdays in Ames, Iowa are loud. 

They are so loud that it can be tough to hear the person next to you at times. That noise didn't seem to bother the Baylor Bears or their offense which exploded for 31 points in a dominating win over the Cyclones. 

After the game, Head Coach Dave Aranda said that a whisper can sometimes turn into a roaring chorus when describing how he felt the outside noise had impacted some of the members of his offense.

“When you look into it, there’s not a whole lot there, it’s your mind playing tricks on you," he said. "We’ve been all through that with Blake and a couple of guys on offense. So it was good to see them trust themselves.”

The "roaring chorus" could have stemmed from the volume in Provo which disrupted the Bears and created mistakes that led to a double-overtime loss. Quarterback Blake Shapen says the team took that loss as a learning opportunity.  

"We struggled a little bit against BYU with the noise and things like that," he said. "Being able to bounce back the week after at home and to be able to come here on the road and get a win, people look at that and don't give it enough credit at times but it's always a big deal when you go on the road and get a win."

Shapen threw for 238 yards and three touchdowns in the win. Aranda wasn't surprised by the performance. 

“I think that’s who Blake is, up until two games ago.”

He spread the ball around to 11 different receivers and connected on some long throws which he said helped to boost his confidence. 

“Sometimes it's not really given to us, we wont see it as much, down field throws and things like that" he said. "When they’re given to us and we’re able to take advantage of them, it opens up the offense.”

Those throws did exactly that and the Bears left Ames with their first road win of the season. They are now one to zero in conference play and will face No. 9 Oklahoma State on Saturday in Waco. 

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