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What are the odds? Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft former Belton HS player who grew up on Buccaneer Lane

Former Belton High School football star Logan Hall was drafted 33rd overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2022 NFL Draft after growing up on Buccaneer Lane

BELTON, Texas — The odds of being drafted into the NFL are very slim. It's estimated that just 1.6 percent of all college football players even make the league. 

So the fact that former Belton High School star Logan Hall was drafted into the league was rare, but what's even rarer is that he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after growing up on North Buccaneer Lane in Morgan's Point Resort. 

“Well we didn’t even realize that," Amanda Morgan, Hall's mom, said. "We were just sorta sitting there [Saturday] and were like wait a minute, Buccaneer Lane, you grew up on Buccaneer Lane." 

The family realized the day after Hall was drafted 33rd overall, the first pick of the second round, by the Bucs. His agent said he should take a photo in front of the street sign.

“We honestly couldn’t believe it the next day, my wife brought it up to my attention, we didn’t even think about it." Joseph Morgan, Hall's stepdad, said. 

Despite his family foreshadowing his next big career move, it wasn't always a given that Hall would become a star at the high school level or play in the NCAA. 

“I was the mom that was siting on the sidelines like put him in, put him in, he was second string at a 3A school, Elgin Oklahoma," Morgan said. 

They moved to Belton where he started playing football for the Tigers and he quickly caught the attention of colleges. He ultimately chose to go to the University of Houston. 

It was in his senior year with the Cougars that he made a list of goals. 

"First was to get drafted in the first three rounds," Morgan said. "The second was he needed to produce there and he wasn’t quite there yet, and the third was to keep his head down and just work hard.” 

Those goals were all crossed off his list as the Bucs drafted him in the second round. 

"People would ask me, 'where is Logan a great fit?'" his agent, Drew Pittman said. "And my answer was different than in a lot of years, Logan was a great fit everywhere.”

But it was Tampa who came calling, as Hall sat and watched the draft on North Buccaneer Lane. 

Luckily for him, the Bucs headquarters are located at 1 Buccaneer Place in Tampa, so he should feel right at home. 

Tampa will take on the Cowboys in Dallas during the 2022 season, the exact date will be released on May 9.