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Granny Madness: How 4 grandmothers filled out their March Madness bracket

Just how good a bracket could be if filled out by four grandmothers who don't watch college basketball?

WACO, Texas — The NCAA says there has never been a verified March Madness bracket that is 100 percent perfect. 

There is no real science or general sense into what makes a great bracket versus a bad one. 

So, we brought in four experts to fill out one single bracket. The catch? They don't watch college basketball. And they love to brag about their grandchildren. 

"I have to tell you, the last time I watched basketball, I watched the Boston Celtics," Doris Lively, my grandmother, said. 

I chose my two grandmothers, Doris and Oni, and also called up 6 News' Baylee Bates grandmothers, Gammie and Nana. 

Before we began, we had to get one thing out of the way. 

"Is there a wager on this?" Doris asked. 

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After confirming this was just for fun, we were off. Each grandma filled out one region of the bracket. The selections all ranged. 

Some were from family bias. 

"Arkansas," Oni said. "My brother lives there.”

Oni also chose some schools for their name. 

"I'd say the Gaels, they have a better ring to them," Oni added.

The conversation sidetracked at times, but when we we did talk basketball, there was one trend that stuck out more than others: These picks were mostly made out of love with their grandchildren in mind. 

"Oh, I'll say Texas A&M," Nana said. "I have a granddaughter that goes there."

That passion fueled Texas A&M to the Final Four in a bracket. They were pitted against Arizona State, who Oni picked because it is my own alma mater. 

In the end, A&M won. 

It isn't the most conventional bracket, but that is what March is all about. Anyone can win because luck has its place in the craziest tournament in sports. 

Credit: ESPN Bracket Challenge

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