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After one week of two-a-days, athletes and coaches are adapting to the changes due to pandemic

Classes 1A through 4A are heading into their second week of two-a-day practices, and many coaches said it's going pretty smoothly so far.

LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas — Classes 1A through 4A wrapped up the first full week of two-a-day practices, and this year athletes and coaches have a different mindset than previous seasons.

"You need to practice and play like its going to be no tomorrow," Troy Head Football Coach Ronnie Porter said. "With everything going on you don't know if you're going to get a next day."

Seniors are especially are feeling the impact of what the coronavirus can do to the season. 

"The feeling of knowing that we can get told tomorrow we can't play football,"  Keymani Hamilton, Rockdale senior offensive guard, said. "We got to make this count because we might not get another chance."

While athletes and coaches may be back on the field, it is far from normal. Shane Anderson Connally athletic director and head football coach said one of the hardest things is adjusting to coaching with a mask on. 

"If you're on the sidelines and the kids are on the field you want to holler but you got the mask on," Anderson said. "The you're hollering and the mask is all in your mouth it's just something we are getting used to." 

With the uncertainty of whether or not these practices were even going to happen, Jacob Campsey, Rockdale athletic director and head football coach, said the first week went very well. 

"I know it could happen with the nature of this situation, and we have plans in place for when it does," Campsey said. "But for the first week, it went pretty smooth."

With many teams playing their first game on Aug. 28, Anderson said the next big step is figuring out ticketing and how to fill the stadium to just 50 percent capacity.

Connally ISD is even thinking about bringing in portable bleachers to ensure social distancing guidelines are being observed.