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The ultimate hockey family

The goal is to represent her country in field hockey the just like her brothers did on the ice

ST. LOUIS — It seems the hockey success within the Tkachuk family may keep flourishing forever.

U.S. Hockey Hall of Famer and former St. Louis Blues forward Keith Tkachuk is one of only four American born players to score at least 500 career goals in the National Hockey League. That talent has since carried on.

Keith and his wife Chantal Tkachuk have three children together.

Matthew, the oldest, currently plays for the Calgary Flames in the NHL and leads his team with 10 goals and 20 points. He’s quickly become known as a dirty net-grinder, who is always finding a way to put one in around the crease.

Brady, the middle child, has been flourishing in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators. At just 20 years old, he has eight goals and 14 points this season. That’s the third most on the Senator roster.

He’s been projected to rank in the top 30 best wingers in the league this season by NHL analysts.

Both players are known for their large statures, and physical presence on the ice. Just like their dad.

But, the talent doesn’t end there Taryn Tkachuk is the youngest in the Tkachuk family, and she chose a bit different route.

She ditched the ice, and hit the turf. Taryn began playing field hockey in seventh grade, and has only improved since.

She up her junior season with a third consecutive visit to the field hockey state finals for Villa. While her team may have lost this year, Taryn’s numbers only show success.

In the 2019 season, Taryn tallied 43 goals, 29 assists, and 115 points. That was at least 51 points more than any other field hockey player in the state of Missouri this year. Not a single athlete was even close to touching her numbers.

FROM 2017: Villa Duchesne's Tkachuk following in her dad's footsteps

And on Monday, Taryn committed to play field hockey at the University of Virginia.

Taryn said one of the best parts of her journey has been having a supportive father who gives insight to her performance in games. She appreciates it even if it doesn’t always line up with field hockey rules and regulations.

Both Taryn and her parents agree that the biggest factor in her athletic development over the years have stemmed from her upbringing with two gritty older brothers.

From playing roller hockey in the front yard, to battling in the basement. She said it all made her tougher.

If you’ve watched Keith, Matthew, and Brady Tkachuk play hockey, then you’ve likely seen their physical style of play on the ice.

 All three are known for their strong presence on the boards, in front of the net, and on the puck. It’s ingrained in their blood.

While field hockey may not be as physical of a sport, Taryn doesn’t miss a beat. Her father said her aggressive presence is what differentiates her from her peers on the field.

Taryn has a year left playing for Villa before continuing on to the University of Virginia. But even then, she still has a bigger plan in mind.

The goal is to play field hockey for team USA, just like her brothers did.

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