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Mama Mainland vs. Man Island: Baylor Baseball parents bring pride to Baylor Ballpark

Baylor Baseball parents support their sons at every game.

WACO, Texas — Welcome to "Mama Mainland"—a section of the stands at Baylor Ballpark proud mothers occupy.

Much like the state of Texas, Mama Mainland is not to be messed with.

"We don't enjoy when people come in and attack our kids," Deb Haring, senior outfielder Cole Haring's mom, said. "We are fierce mamas. We are here to be supportive. We are the supportive branch of Baylor Baseball."

The moms' ferocity is on full display when they chant their battle cries during games.

Deb Haring is known for screaming "find a hole" at the top of her lungs.

"My mom is the 'find a hole' lady," Cole Haring said with a smile. "She has strict instructions. She can be loud, but not when I'm hitting, and she knows that. She really takes pride in being the 'find a hole' lady."

Like Cole Haring's mom, every mama on the mainland has a role.

"If you want to know anything about what's going on in the game, how many hits someone has, where their hit went, how many pitches someone has, the speed of those pitches—Mama Mainland is where you go!" Deb Haring said. "We have all the details." 

You might be wondering: Where are the dads? 

Well, let's head down behind home plate to "Man Island."

This area of the ballpark is occupied by almost a dozen dads, who rarely miss a game, home or away. 

In fact, junior third baseman Davis Wendzel's parents moved all the way from their hometown in California to Waco to watch their son play as much as possible.

"We realized that Waco and Baylor is kind of a special place, and we talked about it," Stan Wendzel, Davis Wendzel's dad, said. "We said 'You know, this is important. Why not? Why not do this? It's kind of a once in a lifetime chance,'" Stan Wendzel, Davis Wendzel's dad, said.

Both Man Island and Mama Mainland take pride in affecting the ballgame, but one section's pride is more obvious than the others.

"We know when things happen that the boys took care of the work. The dads, you'll see them high-fiving, they think they did that home run when someone hits one," Deb Haring said.

"It's funny that I hear this now, that they think the dads did that." Stan Wendzel said. "We definitely did that in some cases." 

Despite the distance and playful disagreements about who has a bigger impact, Mama Mainland and Man Island are a family affair at Baylor Ballpark every game day.

"We become a family once you get here," Deb Haring said. "We're all a bunch of aunts and uncles to everyone, and we will be for the rest of their lives. No matter where they go, much to their dismay probably, we will always be their aunts and uncles and a proud family."

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