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Midway All Stars head to Little League Softball World Series with surprise sendoff

The Midway All Stars had the community's full support with a sendoff to the Little League Softball World Series

WACO, Texas — Author's Note: This story was reported by our 6 News Intern Armando Barry

After clinching the Southwest Regional title, Midway Little League is World Series bound. 

"I would say it's a relief since we've been working to this point,” said All-Stars outfielder Hayden Rios. “We've been wanting to go here since we were like really little”

A historic 13-1 summer record punched the team's ticket to the Little League Softball World Series in Greenville, North Carolina.

Head coach Edward Ramos spoke about what he hopes the girls learn while playing in these global games.

"We got the opportunity to play girls from other countries and that’s not something a lot of people can say,” Ramos said. “So, I want them to just kind of soak it all in and just, you know, create good memories down there this this upcoming week."

However, the Midway community couldn't let the girls leave without a surprise celebration of its first World Series in more than a decade.

At the end of the team’s last practice on Thursday, the girls were surrounded by friends and family as well as members of the cheer and high school softball team who honored their accomplishment.

“For us to kind of reignite all that with this age group, it means a lot to me, the parents, and the girls on the team."

Midway leads America with 11 championships, so All-Stars left fielder Cami Mitchell likes their chances to take it all in North Carolina.

"We've been working really hard,” said Mitchell. “I really think we deserve to be here and we've been practicing for like two and a half months, every day.”

The Midway All-Stars first game of the tournament begins on Aug. 9 at noon when they take on a softball team from Washington state. You can watch the game on ESPN+.

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