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Dale Hansen's Extra Point: The Cowboys just aren't as good as the Patriots

Twenty-three years of incredibly mediocre football can't be Jerry Jones' fault... can it?
Credit: WFAA

The Cowboys lost a game in New England yesterday they could have won.

As bad as that Patriot's offense is now, maybe they should have won, but teams don't go to Foxborough, Massachusetts, and win.

The Patriots have won 21 in a row at home, and I'm pretty sure the Cowboys aren't the only team that thinks, "If only," "If we hadn't," "We were so close," "That bad call beat us."

They can say all that, but former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells was right when he said, "You are what you are," and the Cowboys aren't as good as the Patriots are.

I'm not blaming the coaches either, and you know I like to when I can.

A lot of you think the coaches blew another one-- even owner Jerry Jones was complaining last night about the job his coaches did. 

But kicking a field goal down seven with six minutes to play? I can argue both sides of that decision. And it's not the worst one Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett has ever made.

I think Jones is just laying the groundwork to make another coaching change because he has to blame somebody. Twenty-three years of incredibly mediocre football can't be his fault... can it?

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