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'Even if you're not a Panthers fan, you're welcome to come and watch football.' Panthers Superfan shows off impressive Mancave

Panthers fan Patrick Robertson is a fan unlike any other, with a man cave to prove it.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — "One of the requirements for the new house was that I actually have a man cave for all of this memorabilia," Patrick Robertson said.

A requirement only necessary for one of the biggest Carolina Panthers fans around. The Panthers superfan has nearly 70 Panthers jerseys hung up on the walls inside his garage, although that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"Once we found this house, he was done looking," Patrick's wife said. "I tried to pull him to other houses to look but he was done. He said no matter what the price is, I will figure it out we will work it out and this is where we are." 

Just like that, the mancave grew day by day, season by season. A task that has spanned so many hours, Roberston has lost count.

"Seeing the wall space over time shrink and the jerseys accumulate, it has been a wild ride," Robertson said.

Robertson has collected Panthers jerseys and seeking out signatures ever since the team's inception in Charlotte. He's gone to countless training camps in hopes of snagging a star player's autograph, as well as through the mail.

"A lot of these players I've met at training camp," The superfan said. "Some through player appearances and some I write through the mail send it to the Panthers stadium."

The Robertson's garage is decorated with Panthers memorabilia in every nook and cranny. From bobbleheads, signed helmets to even game-worn cleats from Cam Newton, the mancave has a little bit of everything.

"You can pick one out the list goes on and on," Robertson said. "I think it's cool to me, to have jerseys of players that aren't the most popular guys who still contribute to the team."

The love for the Carolina Panthers started at a young age for Robertson when he met Wake Forest wide receiver Ricky Proehl at just three years old.

"Football was just a big thing growing up," Robertson said. "My dad, he was a big Wake fan, and growing up with Ricky Proehl in the football scene was pretty cool for me."

Once the Carolina Panthers came to the Queen City, the loyalty for the black and blue never wavered. In fact, now it has become a family affair.

"Christian Mccaffrey came up to Jaden, my son before a game," Robertson said. "He was wearing his number 22 shirt and jersey, threw him a football, and it's been downhill since then. That's his guy."

Some may speculate and say it's just a football team, although for this Panthers superfan it embodies so much more.

"Family," Robertson said. "Love. Passion. This is everything! My world. Outside of my family, this is the next big thing."

Robertson does his best to attend every home game. When the team hits the road, you know exactly where to find he and his friends every Sunday.

"Even if you're not a Panthers fan, you're welcome to come and watch football!"

A true sign of a Carolina Panthers fan for life.

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