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'Niki Nails It' | Bars, beam & back handsprings, Niki Lattarulo takes on gymnastics

In the first episode of "Niki Nails It," sports reporter Niki Lattarulo is hitting the balance beam to see if she has what it takes for Olympics 2024.

TEMPLE, Texas — With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics happening, I knew the first episode of "Niki Nails It" had to be gymnastics. And leave it to the Extreme Cheer and Tumble in Temple to put me to the test!

Competitive gymnastics team members put me through a round of stretching, bar work, beam routines and tumbling on the floor. 

On bars, Gym Director JoElla Reinhardt gave me an 8.5 after I "successfully" learned how to do a pullover and back hip circle (with a spotter of course) and on beam -- kind of -- stuck a cartwheel, which earned me a trip to the "new skill bell!"

On floor, or trampoline, I had a near prefect back handspring, but when trying to do it on the actual floor, a back walkover was all I could do! 

After a long day of training, the "judges" consulted with each other and decided whether or not I have what it takes to go to the Olympics in 2024!

Ok, maybe I don't... but I did wake up with several bruises and muscle sores from all that training, which I completed. Side note -- Those girls are tough!

If you have a sport you would like to see Niki "nail/fail" next, you can email her at NLattarulo@kcentv.com, or send her a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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