PHILADELPHIA — Matt Rhule has reportedly added a longtime Temple assistant to his staff in Waco.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, among other outlets, have reported Ed Foley will leave the Philadelphia campus ahead of his 12th season at Temple to re-join Rhule at Baylor.

Foley was the associate head coach under Rhule at Temple, having served in that role while also coaching tight ends and special teams since 2013.

According to the Inquirer, Foley had been moved off the field by new head coach Rod Carey, also true in his reported role at Baylor, however Foley told the Inquirer, "I don’t have an official title but will be working with somebody I like and trust."

Foley was previously the head coach at his alma mater, Bucknell, from 2004-05.

A Baylor spokesperson told KCEN Channel 6 Sports Director Nick Canizales he is unable to confirm the hire, as of Saturday.