BELTON, Texas — Coming off a National Championship is never easy, the expectations always set a little bit higher. The Crusaders of UMHB have had their share of setbacks this off season, one of them is the loss of their starting quarterback. 

Jase Hammack, who was part of last years National Championship team and a leader of this group, underwent ankle surgery in the summer and is rehabbing for the time being. There is no set date on when he is expected to return but for now they’re starting quarterback will be Ryan Redding.

The sophomore was a third string quarterback last year. Fredenburg said he has a different style of play compared to Jase, which they are excited about but something he needs to work on is filling that leadership role.

Chaka Watson has been released from the roster for violating team rules. Pete Fredenburg feels if that is not a players mindset he doesn't want him on the team.

The Crusaders will take on Albright College Saturday at Crusader Stadium starting at 6pm.