TEMPLE, Texas — The big question on every sports fan's mind, "When is football coming back?"

You might not have to wait too much longer because for one group, in particular, they are ready to make some noise of their own. In a league of their own right here in Temple.

"You know I just want to give all those opportunities to all the women out there," Shannon Bennett, President of the Cen-Tex Coyotes Shannon Bennett said. "There's a lot of people that have always wanted to play but they didn't know it was possible or they were just a little shy or thought well I don't have any experience so maybe I don't qualify but that's not the case for us."

About 4,000 women play tackle football in the U.S. There are several women football leagues across the country including the Women's Football Alliance, Women's National Football Conference and the United States Women's Football League.

"It' has been proving time and time again, not with tackle football, but with every walks of life," Bennett said. "There's still the general stigma that women can't do the hard work but we're plenty capable and often times I think we probably give you a better show."

In these leagues, women play strictly for the love of the game. Playing football actually costs them money unless the team secures a sponsorship because the majority of these women hold down full-time jobs plus have families.

"We're going to be hitting the fundraising and sponsorship real hard so we are able to provide a little relief as far as finances come for our potential players. We want to be able to provide them top of the line helmets, shoulder pads, all of the equipment because their safety is the most important," Bennett said.

The Coyotes hope to kick off their inaugural season at some point in August. They will host a combined tryout for ages 18 and up and then plan to play their home games at Wildcat Stadium.

For more information on the Cen-Tex Coyotes, you can find them on Facebook or email them at centexcoyotes@gmail.com.

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