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Texas employees don't know their co-workers in real life, why?

1 in 3 Texas employees have never met their co-workers in person a new survey reveals.
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TEXAS, USA — The pandemic in many ways forced companies to figure out new ways to communicate. Even after the pandemic, many colleges haven't met their co-workers in real life. 

A new study by Green Building Elements surveyed 4,121 employees. Thirty-six percent of employees have not met their team. Elements says this is due to more people working from home since the pandemic.

Many workers have stated that they have only met other co-workers virtually, according to the survey. The survey also revealed that because of this switch, Zoom has become the preferred use of communication. 

In fact, in the beginning of the pandemic Zoom had skyrocketed overnight due to its pandemic demand. According to BBC, the company’s sales were up 326% in 2020, to $2.6 billion, while profits rose to $672 million, from just $22 million in 2019. 

Even with the pandemic switch and the aftermath of its effects, many employees still prefer remote. Over half of employees said relationships with co-workers have even improved since working from home, according to the study.

Elements allude that this could be due to the fact that simple things like, "the a/c being too cold" or "office politics" are not a factor for some when working from home. 

In fact, 58 percent of workers said their relationships with their co-workers are better due to the fact that they are working remotely, according to the survey. And another 66 percent said they are more likely to interact socially with colleagues outside of working hours. 

Even with these numbers, there may be some hope for those who want to return back. Seventeen percent of employees said they would be more likely to come back if their work environment was an eco-friendlier one according to the survey.

How do you feel about working from home versus the office? 


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