You spend hours perfecting your pumpkin pie, don’t let it become a dangerous projectile during your trip over the river and through the woods. Follow these tips to make sure your holiday dishes –and your family -- arrive in one piece.

Casserole Dishes

Keeping a food container -- or any item -- loose in the car is dangerous. The safest place is for them is in the trunk or cargo area. Make sure your casserole dish comes with a cover and place it in a towel-lined laundry basket. The towels will absorb any leaks, and the laundry basket makes it easy to use bungee cords to secure it to cargo hooks. If you don’t have a spare laundry basket, try the same thing with your cooler instead.

Pies and Cakes

Use a pie or cake carrier, like this one[GJ1] , to get that pumpkin pie safely to Granny's house. If the back seat is empty, place the carrier on the floor behind the seat, to keep it from sliding. If you want to make sure your flaky piecrust doesn't end up in pieces, consider an insulated, padded carrier to protect your masterpiece.

Slow Cookers

Keep your candied yams in your slow cooker by investing in one with a lockable lid[GJ2] , which keeps leaks at bay and your food secure. Again, use the cargo area’s hooks to keep it from sliding around.


Few things are better than turkey and stuffing two days in a row. When it’s time to head home, bust out your zip lock bags to save the leftovers. They’re leak-resistant, easy to transport in your purse or bag and your host will appreciate that you’re not “adopting” a piece of her Tupperware.