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Killeen PD: Will be conducting special traffic detail

The Killeen Police Department will be conducting a special traffic detail on Thursday, Dec. 2 through Dec. 3

KILLEEN, Texas — From Dec. 2 to Dec. 3 starting at 6:00 p.m. police will be conducting a special traffic detail until midnight.   

Police will be on East Veterans Memorial Boulevard between 38th Street and Twin Creek Drive and East Rancier Ave (FM 439 between 38th Street and Twin Creek Drive). This will include the side streets in and around those two main roadways, according to police.

Killeen police say that the stop is intended to educate the public on the dangers of incorrectly walking on roadways as well as yielding to pedestrians for motor vehicles and enforcing pedestrian laws.

Law enforcement says they will also be in areas with higher speeds as they have the potential for more serious crashes with those crossing the street.

Just this year the department says they have investigated seven deadly crashes. In addition, there have been 44 other non-deadly crashes this year with varying levels of injury, according to reports. 

The Killeen Police Department is committed to the safety of the community and wants everyone to be safe while out on the roadways of Killeen.  

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