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New Buc-ee's location breaks ground in Hillsboro

Jan. 24th marked the groundbreaking of the new Buc-ee's at 165 Highway 77. This area is being transformed into a 74,000 square foot beaver wonderland.

HILLSBORO, Texas — If you're ever craving fresh jerky or beaver nuggets on your long drive to Dallas, we have exciting news for you. Central Texas is getting another Buc-ee's!

The new location will be in Hillsboro at 165 State Highway 77.

When you think of an over-the-top Texas convenience store, there's only one place that comes to mind, and that's Buc-ee's. 

"When you walk into one you're kind of blown away," Stan Beard, Buc-ee's Director of Real Estate, said. "What we want to do is create that kind of experience every time you walk into one."

It's the Disneyland of Texas and Hillsboro is now getting one of its own right off the interstate.

"They're going to Dallas, Fort Worth or they're coming back. I mean we're right at the split so we get them coming and going," Beard said. "This is a really nice spot for us to be in."

Ground was officially broken on the new land and this area is being transformed into a 74,000 square foot beaver wonderland, full of all your favorite Buc-ee's staples.

Beaver nuggets, BBQ, fresh jerky, 120 fueling stations and more.

"People choose Bu-cee's for a reason. It's an experience. It's a nice clean store full of friendly people," Jeff Hand, district manager, said. "So, what we offer is something no one can seem to match."

We can't forget about their infamous clean bathrooms! They are known to be some of the best in Texas. Hillsboro will be home to all of this and more.

"You name it! Everything we're famous for will certainly be here," Hand said. "We pull out all the stops for all of our stores. So it will be the same."

This new location is expected to bring around 200 jobs to the area and will be the 35th store in the state.

"We're proud of bringing really well paying jobs to the community, and we'll be working on the hiring process in the next 6 months or so," Beard said.

Expected to take around a year to complete, this Buc-ee's will soon be open for business.

All you beaver believers now have one more stop to add to your future road trips!

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