TEMPLE, Texas — For just $20, you can buy the materials for a DIY vehicle protector that may prevent your car from getting too battered by falling hail.

With severe weather heading straight for Central Texas, many might be thinking of ways to save themselves from the frustrations of a hail-damaged car.

Thankfully, there are some innovative ideas you may not have thought of before to save your property from being peppered with dents.

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It turns out $20 worth of materials is all you might need to do the trick. It only takes a layer of moving blankets and a waterproof tarp.

The blankets are used to protect your vehicle’s windows, and tarps for keeping water out if the blankets fail. A bungee cord will help hold everything in place.

It isn't a perfect solution, but you can stash the DIY protection in your vehicle and it's better than nothing.

Roy Graham with B&G Paint & Body recommends staying under structures, like gas stations, to protect your vehicle.

"I mean dime and nickel [hail] probably would be okay with some kind of padding, but if you get anything larger than that...you know you’re going to sustain some damage," Graham said.

If it comes to it, and you have to process a claim, USAA recommends that you take pictures of damage you may have, no matter who your insurance provider is. Also, make temporary fixes if you can, and save the receipts. Don't fall victim to storm-chasing, fly-by-night contractors who may swoop in. USAA says if something seems too good to be true or if someone demands money up front, walk away.

(KENS contributed to this report)

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