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Temperatures Warming Up As Cold Front Comes Back As Warm Front | Central Texas Forecast

The next few fronts moving through are expected to be weak resulting in above average temperatures and some promising rain potentials.

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Credit: Meteorologist Jordan Frazier
Cooler conditions with cloud cover keeping it from getting too cold.

TONIGHT: The cold front has moved through causing our winds to now come from the north resulting in cooler temperatures. Cloud cover is still sticking around as the front itself is beginning to stall out over the southern portions of Texas. Because of this, temperatures will be cooler than last night, but radiational cooling will be limited from the heavy cloud cover. Similar to the last few nights, expect the chance for some fog and misting overnight and into the early morning hours. 

LOW: 47°

WIND: N 5-10+ mph.

Credit: Meteorologist Jordan Frazier
Occasional gusts, but not as strong as last night.

TOMORROW: Similar conditions to today will remain in the forecast for our Sunday. Temperatures will warm into the upper 50s and lower 60s across the region, but heavy cloud cover will limit the warming potential of the atmosphere. Rain chances remain minimal although small sprinkles can't be ruled out due to the excess of atmospheric moisture. 

HIGH: 62°

WIND: N 3-8 mph. 

Credit: Meteorologist Jordan Frazier
Cool and cloudy for most outdoor activities tomorrow.

IN COMING DAYS: The front that pushed through last night and the upcoming front expected by late next week are very week in comparison to the last few that have come through. Winds will begin shifting on Monday as the last cold front moves up from the south as a warm front. Cloud cover will stick around, but precipitation chances remain minimal. Expect high temperatures during this time to warm up into the upper 70s and lower 80s, possibly getting close to some December records. It'll take another front to overpower this and that is what we see going into the later part of the week. Again, this next system just won't be strong enough and looks to stall out over Central Texas. Timing of this system is tricky, but just expect some promising chances for rain when it comes through. 

Credit: Meteorologist Jordan Frazier
Heavy cloud cover sticking around all week long.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with highs near 74°. Winds SSW at 5-15+ mph.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with highs near 76°. Winds S at 10+ mph.

Wednesday: 30% chance for showers and mostly cloudy with highs near 79°. Winds S at 10+ mph.

Thursday: 40% chance for showers and mostly cloudy with highs near 75°. Winds SSW at 5-10 mph.

Friday: 30% chance for showers and mostly cloudy with highs near 70°. Winds E at 5-10 mph.

Saturday: 30% chance for showers and mostly cloudy with highs near 71°. Winds SSW at 5-10 mph.

Credit: Meteorologist Jordan Frazier
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