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Teen rides out tornado in truck while waiting on parents at Deer Park doctor's office

The teen walked away with no less than a scratch: a true miracle.

DEER PARK, Texas — One can only drop their jaw when hearing the details of how a teenager survived a tornado in a truck.

The teen's dad said he and his wife had walked into a doctor's office near Center Street and San Augustine in Deer Park, leaving their son inside a truck. No less than two minutes later, the lights started flickering. There were then two explosions.

"The doors started opening and shutting real quick," Loren Green said.

He said he then walked to the door to try and get his son to come inside but it was completely black outside.

"I could see debris flying everywhere, so I locked the door and went back into where the patient rooms are," Green said. "It was loud. it was a loud rushing roar."

He said the glass from the windows started shattering and he could even see the roof coming apart from the building. As everyone inside the office ran to safety, his son was hunkering down inside the pickup truck with nowhere to go.

"He said the airbags deployed and he sat there and just kind of held on," Green described. "I mean all this rock and everything was flying through the back windshield. It's a good thing he didn't get hurt."

He walked away with no less than a scratch.

"It's a blessing for sure," Green said.

The family is from La Porte, and according to the dad, this is the first tornado they have experienced. He hopes it's their last.

Watch the full interview with the dad in the video below:

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