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Bald eaglets rescued after storms destroy nest on Lake Waco

The bald eaglets were brought to the Lorena Wildlife Rehab Center where they're said to be in shock but resting quietly.
Credit: Lorena Wildlife Rehab Center

WACO, Texas — Two bald eaglets were rescued Thursday morning after their nest on Lake Waco was destroyed by overnight storms, Rachael Sine with the Lorena Wildlife Rehabilitation Center said.

Sine said the 12-week-old eaglets were in shock but resting in a quiet place at the center.

One of them appeared to be injured, Sine said, but they were unable to tell how.

Credit: Lorena Wildlife Rehab Center

Texas Game Warden Roger Nichols brought the two eaglets to the center after he was notified by a photographer who first spotted the nest was destroyed.

Sine said the eaglets will stay at the center until they're stabilized then they will be taken to the Last Chance Forever Raptor Conservatory in San Antonio until they're fully recovered.

Sine said the conservatory has surrogate eagles that can help to care for the eaglets.

The eaglets will eventually be returned to the area where their nest was located, Sine said.

Sine said the eaglets were just a couple weeks from being able to fly.

The father was still in the area keeping an eye on the eaglets but the mother had flown away, Sine said.

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