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What is the Autumnal Equinox?

Texas Today breaks down the changes in the air on the first day of fall.

TEXAS, USA — Fall officially starts today for Central Texas at 2:20 this afternoon. 

The sun's rays have been focused directly at the Northern Hemisphere for the last few months thanks to the Earth's tilt. This was maximized during the summer solstice back on June 20th. 

As we have moved closer to today the sun's rays have become more positioned directly over the equator, resulting in more equal sunlight for both hemispheres. 

If the Earth did not tilt we would basically not have any seasons, and there would be only minor changes with temperatures and precipitation.

The fall equinox is essentially a transition of the northern hemisphere being tilted towards the sun to the southern hemisphere receiving more direct sunlight. 

Days in the northern hemisphere will become shorter and the weather will turn cooler.

The next date to look forward to is December 21st for the winter solstice.

It is then that the sun will be the lowest in the sky for the northern hemisphere and the shortest amount of sunlight all year.

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