TEMPLE - KCEN Fitness Expert Susan Cornette says of all the ways to get moving, group fitness is her absolute favorite.

"There are those people who love to go out for a run or love to go to the gym and work out on their own. And they're self starters, and they're highly motivated. And that's great, but that doesn't encompass the entire population. Some people really need to have a personal trainer; Others need group fitness. It's really my favorite way of exercising. Because I know that when I get to the gym, I'll be surrounded by friends. There will be lots of energy, there will be great music and there will be a certified instructor leading me through the workout," says Cornette.

From Zumba to Yoga, Boot Camp to Kickboxing, Cornette says a class atmosphere offers motivation and connection through a tough workout. Four days a week, you will find Cornette leading an RPM class at Titan Total Training in Temple.

"It is my favorite class. And I think you'll see why. The room is filled with so much energy, all our friends are there, the music is wonderful and before you know it the class is over and you've burned six or seven hundred calories. The RPM class is a little newer than the tradition spinning classes which have been around for a little bit longer. What I teach at RPM is a high intensity, interval training class. So it's shorter. It doesn't last for even an hour. It lasts for about 42 minutes. We go really, really hard and spike our heart rate, then we recover," says Cornette.

Cornette says an appealing factor to RPM or "spinning" is the minimal impact on the body. People of all body types and ranges of fitness can reap the benefits of resistance cycling.

For a complete list of group fitness classes at Total Titan Training, visit their website here.