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'Ewe' won't believe it: Lamb quintuplets born in Idaho on Sunday

Farmer James Taylor said it 'feels like a miracle because it happened on Easter.'

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The odds of a ewe having quintuplets is pretty rare but it has happened in Meridian, Idaho. Local farmers James and Jacquie Taylor had one that has given birth to quintuplets and what's even more special... it happened on Easter Sunday.

"We had an Easter miracle this morning at about 7:30 a.m.," Jacquie said. "I had a ewe out here lambing and she had two lambs. So, I took her and put her in the barn... And when I came back out there were five."

All over the world lamb quintuplets are born from England to North Carolina and Iowa and most farmers and veterinarians have said it's a one-in-a-million occurrence. Perhaps that's why this feels so special to the Taylor family.

"You know, this particular hop along, had five lambs and it's just cool because it's Easter, you know, the resurrection. And what's cool about her is you can see her right, left leg. She broke about a year and a half ago and I had to learn how to cast. So, I put her in a cast, and she is able to carry five little lambs,” the Taylors granddaughter Keyla said.

Credit: KTVB

James said that he knows this kind of thing is very rare..."one in a million," he said, and the family has, of course, named them.

"We have five lambs that we've named, that one's Chocolate," James said. "This one's Ty, that one's Vanilla, then that's Cow and then that's Leah."

Keyla said that she loved them and animals in general, "anytime a new little animal comes just means little love and a lot of work," Keyla said. 

It's work that the family is enjoying, especially on Easter Sunday.

"This a great time of the year to lamb but having that many lambs at one time on Easter morning and I guess it's a one in a million probability of having five lambs almost unheard of," Jacquie said.

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