When you think of candles, a few scents may come to mind; flowers, vanilla-bean even Christmas tree, but barbecue? Rudy’s “Country Store” Bar-B-Q offered Texas smoked brisket candles, and they sold as fast as their food.

The candle was originally created as an April Fools' joke that turned into something special once customers requested it.

The store produced only 1,000 of the 16 oz. natural palm tipple scented wax candles with the scent resembling Rudy’s famous Texas Brisket. The candle, which was sold-out by Wednesday morning, went for $17.99 each.

There has not been any confirmation when or if Rudy's plans to restock their now famous barbecue candle.

For more information please visit the Rudy's “Country Store” Bar-B-Q website.