In the last several months, the Waco Secret Service Office has seen a major increase in the number of counterfeit $50 bills being passed in Central Texas, especially in Bell and McLennan Counties.

In a press release, Resident Agent in Charge R. Scott DeFord wrote the passing of counterfeit $50 bills had nearly tripled since September, and there had been a slight increase in the passing of other bills, too.

Law enforcement agencies in Central Texas have made some arrests related to the hike in counterfeit $50 bill distribution, but DeFord said the trend had continued anyway.

"With that in mind, the Secret Service would like to let the public and businesses know about this trend and to be very cautious when receiving a $50 dollar bill," DeFord said. "Secret Service will continue to work with local law enforcement to combat this issue, and if someone comes in contact with counterfeit money, please notify your local law enforcement office or the U.S. Secret Service."

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