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Lorena Elementary fundraiser focuses on service, not selling

The school's "Raise Craze" Fundraiser earns money through acts of kindness, and has already surpassed its goal.
Credit: Lorena Elementary School
Lorena Elementary School

LORENA, Texas — Most school fundraisers have children sell chocolate, coupons or other assorted knick-knacks, but Lorena Elementary is selling something different this year, kindness.

The school's "Raise Craze" Fundraiser has seen children raise money for their school through acts of service, and it has proven to be a huge success. 

The fundraiser began on Sept. 26 with a goal to raise $10,000 for the school. On Oct. 5, the school announced that they had not only reached that goal, they had surpassed it. 

Raise Craze is a fundraiser where students use a secure online platform to set up their own sites for donations. They then pay those donations forward by signing up for acts of service that they can do for others. 

Lorena conducted the Raise Craze Fundraiser last school year as well, reportedly to great success, and it looks like that success is continuing this year. 

According to the district, the money that the school raises will go towards field trips, a new AV system for the gym, and other various student incentives. The fundraiser will continue until Oct. 10, so there is still time to donate.

For more information on the fundraiser, or to donate towards some of the acts of kindness, contact LISD Media Services Coordinator John Wilson at 979-574-7812, or johnwilson@lorenaisd.net.

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