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6 Fix | 'This is not right': Temple couple left with broken A/C unit weeks after install

The couple's son, Mark Coffey, says he's contacted the company, Royal Air Houston, to fix or replace the unit but their requests have been ignored.

TEMPLE, Texas — An elderly couple in Temple has been left without cold air in their home. 

In July, the couple's son, Mark Coffey, and his wife Megan searched through social media to find a company to fix their A/C unit. They ended up choosing Royal Air Houston because of their 'No Money Down' advertisement.

"Sometimes when you get a cheap payment, you get some standard service," Mark Coffey explained. "I thought it was a dream come true. I should have known better."

According to their contract, Royal Air installed the unit on July 30. Not even a month later, Coffey says the unit began blowing out hot air. He says he then reached out for help but has been blatantly ignored. 

"We've been calling for the last seven days to get ahold of the company and they have not returned our calls, we go to voicemail all the time," Megan Coffey explained.

On the Better Business Bureau website, Royal Air has over five pages of complaints from angry customers. Also, if you search the company on the internet, there are numerous lawsuits against them with customers suing about the same issue. 

Coffey's elderly parents are now left relying on fans to avoid overheating.

"When it's 107 degrees outside it's 85-90 degrees at the house," Coffey added. "I've done like everything I can to make sure that this house stays cool. My dad is a Vietnam vet, my mom, she's elderly as well and they need to stay cool."

The Coffeys do have a year warranty on the unit, but there is a disclaimer on the contract. 

"It says that they're not liable for anything," Coffey said. "No damages, no mold, no anything before install and after install."

The Coffeys plan to file a lawsuit against Royal Air Houston if nothing changes. Megan Coffey shared advice for anyone hiring a company to do work on their home.

"I would just suggest that start with your local area," Coffey said, "Call who you know is local to you. Double check with the BBB."

6 News has reached out to Royal Air Houston officials to address these issues and has yet to hear back.

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