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Waco girl shot in eye with firework on 4th of July loses sight

Maddie Grace Lightsey’s family said she lost sight in her right eye and will need on-going medical treatment.

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas — A McLennan County girl was seriously injured on the 4th of July after she was hit in the eye with a firework.

This year's festivities started off normally for 17-year old Maddie Lightsey.

But once the fireworks started, the unthinkable happened.

"All of a sudden one of them went off. it back fired and hit me to the eye," Lightsey said.

According to the teen's family, she lost sight in her right eye and will need on-going medical treatment after a firework called the Zipper hit her.

"It went dark in this eye," Lightsey said. "I fell to the ground and got scrapes and stuff."

She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors said having no vision in her eye is more than likely her new normal.

"It's a very small chance that I will see again but most likely I wont," Lightsey said.

A week after the incident, Lightsey is trying to adjust to her new life. She now has to wear shatter-proof glasses to protect her eyes.

"It's hard to grab stuff its harder than it used to be," Lightsey said.

Her mom has been by her side to help her along the way.

"As a mom you hurt when your child hurts, no matter how old they are. So that's been tough," Sherrie Lightsey said.

Now, Maddie is sending a message to others about fireworks saftey.

"Be careful. A less-than two inch firework hit me in the eye, and now I can't see," Maddie said. "So just be careful. They are fun and everything, but I was 20 feet away and I still got hit."

Despite what she's gone through she is keeping a positive attitude. 

She'll have eye surgery in Plano on Tuesday.

"It's God's plan," Maddie said. "So it's all good."

A GofundMe was set up to help Maddie and her family with medical expenses. As of Friday afternoon, the campaign raised over its $5,000 goal.

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