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Moody ISD teachers could use their license to carry to protect students

MOODY, Texas — More than a dozen teachers and coaches from the Moody Independent School District crowded into a high school hall Sunday for a license to carry class taught by BIG IRON Handgun License Training. Training some could soon be used in that same school.

Moody ISD changed their policy on firearms in June. School policy states, "the board may, from time to time, authorize specific district employees to possess certain firearms at board meetings and at school-sponsored or school-related events on school property, to the extent allowed by law."0

Candidates for the program are handpicked by the board and must go through several training courses to prepare them for an intruder with a weapon. All candidates must also have a license to carry before they would be considered.

The training may seem like a lot to ask of any teacher, but the staff at the school district is already preparing to be called upon.

"I want to able to protect my family, and my school family as well," Jan Forrest said. "Because of all the shootings at schools, I want to be able to protect kids in schools. It happens too frequently."

Forrest is an art teacher, basketball and volleyball coach. She is not an avid shooter but Forrest told Channel 6 she needs to be able to protect children in a difficult time.

"I love these kids like I love my own," Forrest said. "They are my family. You never want to have to take a life, but you have to protect what is yours."

Other coaches are stepping up to the plate as well. Baseball Coach Brandon Young told Channel 6 he served in the Navy but didn't previously see a need for a license to carry.

"There is a lot of weird stuff going on, whatever we can do to make it a safer place for (students) is the best thing," Young said.

Moody ISD Superintendent Gary Martel told Channel 6 the teachers chosen for the program will not be identified for safety reasons, but the process of selecting teachers has already begun.

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