TEMPLE, Texas — The Little River Healthcare King's Daughters clinic in Temple was closed Wednesday morning to the surprise of many patients.

Little River Healthcare, which operates several clinics in Central Texas, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 24, according to court documents but requested that the case be converted to Chapter 7 on November 30.

A federal bankruptcy court in Waco granted the request on Tuesday, despite objections from lenders.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires Little River Healthcare to liquidate all of its assets. Chapter 11 bankruptcy would have allowed Little River to negotiate the terms of its debt with its lenders.

Patients who showed up to the Temple clinic on Wednesday found the doors locked. A phone call to the clinic was met with a message that said, "Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Little River Healthcare will be shutting its doors immediately."

"(I) wanted to go to the clinic first thing in the morning to get something taken care of." said Keisha Sprull. "The doors were locked and there was a sign on the door saying basically that they were closed."

Jon Sly said he needed to pick up critical medication.

"I've got an appointment with the doctor two days from now," said Sly. "This is blood thinner. This I got to have."

The facilities included in the bankruptcy include, Compass Pointe Holdings, LLC, Little River Healthcare Holdings, LLC, Timberlands Healthcare, LLC, King’s Daughters Pharmacy, LLC, Rockdale Blackhawk, LLC, Little River Healthcare - Physicians of King’s Daughters, LLC, Cantera Way Ventures, LLC, and Little River Healthcare Management, LLC.

Little River Healthcare sent a letter to patients after filing for Chapter 11 in July saying they intended to keep their facilities open while negotiating their debts.

But in their request to move to Chapter 7, court records showed despite their best efforts they were unable to obtain the funding needed to pay their administrative expenses.