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COVID-19 or spring allergies? Here's how you can tell the difference

Are you suffering from spring allergies or COVID-19? Here's how you can tell the difference

WACO, Texas — Spring is here and so are allergies, so you may start experiencing symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and a sore throat. 

Whether you suffer from mild or severe allergies, Kris Bartee with Aspire Allergy and Sinus said Spring is a season when it picks up across Central Texas.

"When Spring starts, a lot of things start blooming. If you look outside on the trees, you can see pollen on the cars in the morning if they sit under a tree, and then grass will start pollinating starting very soon and lasting through the summer," Bartee said. 

Credit: Aspire Allergy and Sinus

Although some symptoms overlap with a cold and COVID-19, one of the major differences is a fever, which you will get with the coronavirus.

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"The most common symptoms are gonna be the itchy watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, coughing and things like that," Bartee said.

Something that can help lessen symptoms is wearing a face mask. 

"One of the great things we've got going on right now is that wearing a mask is gonna cut down on a lot of your intake of this pollen and dust that could be causing your allergy symptoms," Bartee said. 

Credit: Aspire Allergy and Sinus

Those who have allergies will experience it every season and they won't go away on their own, however Bartee said there are some simple ways to fight those symptoms.

"To avoid allergy symptoms are to avoid those triggers, if you're able to, staying inside, wearing a mask, keeping carpets and animals clean and another thing that you can do is recognize when you've been exposed and if you are outside in an area that you know is gonna trigger your allergies get home and rinse off and change clothes," Bartee said. 

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