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Stay vigilant | Fire officials warn Central Texans to be cautious of rattlesnakes this summer

"With the temperatures getting hotter, it's only natural for these snakes to be looking for an cooler place to stay," said fire officials.

SALADO, Texas — The Salado Volunteer Fire Department sent out a reminder to Central Texans to stay vigilant of rattlesnakes this summer.

The fire officials said a local family found a rattlesnake and its babies in one of their pool noodles. 

"With the temperatures getting hotter, it's only natural for these snakes to be looking for an cooler place to stay," said fire officials. "Snakes will typically seek out dark spaces, so it's best to keep your pool toys elevated or in some type of sealed container." 

Officials said the best way to handle a rattlesnake is to back away slowly and to no panic. 

Be sure to stay safe this summer and check your pool noodles just in case!

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According to the Texas Poison Center Network, if you get bit: 

  • Note time of the bite, remove jewelry or other items that might constrict swelling, remain calm.
  • Do NOT cut the wound and try to extract the venom by mouth.
  • Do NOT use ice or a tourniquet.
  • Do NOT take pain relievers or other medications without medical advice. Do not drink alcohol.

During rainy season (March through May) along with warmer temperatures, snakes tend to be spotted a little more than usual.

Jason Livingston, a zoologist with Wildlife x Team, said told 6 News that people should pay close attention to their surroundings to avoid getting bit.

"They have to come out of their dens, they can't stay there if they're underwater and that actually leads to them finding a high point that's nice and dry usually peoples porches, driveways, any place where they can warm up and get moving again," Livingston said. 

Around 99% of bites happen below the knee or around the ankle, so watch where you step, put your hands or sit down, per Texas Parks & Wildlife.

"Try to relax, try to keep wherever the bite is below your heart level, if you've been bitten on the hand just keep your hand down," Livingston said

Safety tips to prevent a snake bite include:

  • Be cautions near high grass, trash or wood piles
  • Move things around with a shovel instead of picking items up when you cannot see underneath 
  • Do not pick up snakes
  • Back away from the area where the snake was located
  • Leave snakes alone
  • If you or someone you know gets bit, first remain calm and seek medical attention quickly.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, there are over 105 different types of snakes in Texas but only 15 of those could be dangerous to humans.

Rattlesnakes are in the group of snakes that could potentially be very dangerous to humans. Around 7,000 to 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States and around five of those people die, according to the CDC

Here is a list of all the venomous snakes in Texas. 

Call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 for instructions on all snake bites.

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