TEMPLE, Texas — Our Verify team is always on the lookout for misinformation online, which is why a video on Twitter caught our attention this past week. 

The tweet is simply captioned; Cameron Park, Waco TX, with a 25-second clip of stunning drone video above a man hiking on a trail high above glistening blue water. It has more than 2,000 likes and almost 500 retweets, including from former Baylor football standout turned NFL star Robert Griffin III. 

All it takes is a couple of seconds of watching the clip to become skeptical. So we tracked down the video to the original account, a twitter handle called @VistaEarth that tweets out scenic pictures and videos of beautiful places around the world. In the original tweet the caption is, "Switzerland." 

Some more digging showed that the incredible hiking path is, in fact, in Switzerland on a trail called Hardergrat in the Swiss Alps. It's one of the most unique trails on planet earth, and nowhere near Central Texas.

So we can Verify, the caption claiming it's from Cameron Park in Waco is false.

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