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Waco Water Department reports possible pay portal data breach

Names, addresses, credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV numbers could have been captured from the water department's pay portal.
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WACO, Texas — Some Waco residents' personal and financial information may have been compromised after a possible security breach was reported in the City of Waco Water Department.

According to the city, the issue was within the department's online payment portal, Click2Gov. 

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The third-party vendor that manages the portal notified the city on Nov. 8 that the application's code was altered.

That alteration could let unauthorized users copy card information from the city's internet browser during transactions.

According to Larry Holze, director of Municipal Information, the city launched an investigation after learning about the breach to find what information may have been affected.

The investigation found card information entered between Aug. 30 and Oct. 14 may have been compromised. 

Data including names, addresses, payment card numbers, expiration dates and CVV numbers could have been captured in the breach. 

Holze said the city would directly notify residents whose information was possibly affected.

"We will be providing all affected individuals notice via letter during the week of Dec. 8, 2019," Holze said. "The notice will include information about the event, measures we have taken in response and recommendations for protecting personal information in the future."

While the city works on sending those notices, Holze said all residents should keep an eye out for suspicious bank activity.

"We encourage all Waco residents to monitor all financial transactions/statements and promptly report any suspicious or unusual charges to the relevant banking institutions," Holze said.

The city established a dedicated assistance line in response to the incident.

Anyone with questions related to the breach can call 833-947-1419 anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A criminal investigation is underway.


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