FORT HOOD, Texas — The State of New York leads the nation with the most coronavirus cases. Now, soldiers from our own back yard are there to help with the relief efforts.

Fort Hood soldiers from the 1st Medical Brigade's 9th Hospital Center deployed on March 25 and are providing routine and emergency medical support to relieve the burden on the city’s healthcare system.

“For me, it’s been quite a unique experience,” Sergeant First Class Achley Lyons said. “It's a very unique experience to be able to be a part of an operation this big and that has so many different government agencies and different parties involved. The sole cause is being able to combat Covid-19."

Lyons said her role is to analyze, prepare and do a lot of the statistical data and assessments so medical providers can focus on the floor and hospital operations.

"I have never seen anything of this magnitude. Just having people be this selfless and take this approach. It’s amazing to be able to witness that," Lyons said.

Despite the crisis that looms, Lyons said she is honored to represent her family and unit.

"This is what we're here for. This is what we are taught to do. Our mission statement, this captures it. As a soldier to be able to be in this fight and be involved and know that it’s for the greater good, it makes me proud and honored to be a soldier," Lyons said.

The soldiers will return home when their mission is complete.

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