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Twitter just changed its font — and users are upset

The new font, called Chirp, launched a couple of days ago an users are being vocal about their disapproval.

SAN FRANCISCO, California — If you live on Twitter, you probably instantly noticed the different font on the social media site.

The new font, called Chirp, was first revealed in January and was implemented just a couple of days ago. Part of the motivation behind the change was, along with a few other improvements, to boost user experience and highlight user content better — or so they say.

"While it might feel weird at first, these updates make us more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you're talking about," Twitter said in a detailed thread explaining the new font and other adjustments.

Besides Chirp, Twitter updated its colors and buttons to be high contrast, with less blue, saying the change was made "to draw attention" to the videos and photos users post.

"Finally, we cleaned up a lot of visual clutter. There are fewer gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines. We also increased space to make text easier to read. This is only the start of more visual updates as Twitter becomes more centered on you and what you have to say," Twitter said. 

However, the changes aren't sitting right with all users.

Others said the new font is hard on the eyes.

Twitter responded to the feedback on the changes, including some users saying they're getting headaches while others mention sensory sensitivities, and said they're adjusting as needed. 

"Thanks to everyone who's sent us feedback about the design updates. We're tracking all of it so keep it coming."

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