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What to look out for on the road this Memorial Day Weekend

Know how to react if debris hits your car this Memorial Day weekend.

CENTRAL, Texas — You might be thinking, 'it won't happen to me, my holiday plans won't be disrupted this Memorial Day weekend.'

You're wrong, they could be, especially if some debris from the highway or another car hits you.

6 News has your back with how you can best react to a situation where a rock, ladder or pebble hits your car, and what you need to check on your car before hitting the roads.

"We've seen ladders, lawn mower blades, all types of objects fall from vehicles that are not secured," Daniel Anbruster, with AAA Insurance, said.

That debris resulted in 1,500 crashes in Texas last year.

According to Anbruster, a lot of the time crashes happen because someone has not secured their good properly on their vehicle.

Whether you're the one driving that car or the one hit by the debris, watch out.

There's a Texas law that fines people between $25 and $500 if items on their vehicle aren't secured properly.

If you or someone you know is hit by flying debris, the most you can do is try and remember the description of the car, report it to law enforcement and then with your insurance.

"Contact your insurance company as soon as possible," Anbruster added.

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