TEMPLE, Texas — It's been weeks. 

Gabrielle Parkey found out an Arby's would be built behind her backyard. She wasn't a fan of the idea.

The city made a compromise that a wall would be built in between the Arby's and her backyard. That wall would become a problem.

The Arby's would be up for a whole year and the wall was never built even after constant contact by Parkey.

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"When we learned that there was going to be a fast food restaurant we went to all the city council meetings and expressed our concerns," Parkey said. "It was in our backyard it was a year, and still no wall. I kept calling the city the city kept getting run arounds with Arby's they finally fined them per day until they started this wall."

Unfortunately for Parkey, she may have spoke the fall of that wall into existence.

She and her neighbors saw the wall that was built and immediately noticed the shoddy construction. They said the wall was crooked and questioned how it was even approved.

"My neighbors told me, you gotta come see this. Did somebody come inspect it? I don't know, and if so it's definitely not up to code."

When a recent severe thunderstorm hit Temple, that wall finally came crumbling down. Unfortunately for her, it took out her backyard fence in the process. It's about 20 yards of damage and now there's a gaping hole in her backyard.

She's tried to reach out to different levels of Arby's personnel to get answers about whether or not there is a plan in place to fix the situation.

She says the city of Temple says the problem is out of their hands and she says Arby's hasn't been much help.

"I was contacting the district manager of Arby's and we were having conversations and now she's ghosted me. We've tried calling the corporate Atlanta office and we left a message so I don't know where to turn at this point."

6 News reached out to the district manager of Arby's as well with no luck.

Parkey says she's beyond frustrated with the situation because she doesn't even feel safe in her own home.

It's been weeks and there's seemingly no solution in sight.

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"Well, I don't know what their top priority is, but three weeks of having your backyard open to a drive-thru is not very secure."

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