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Be Lively | Jacob's Ladder and Rock Shelter in Waco

In this episode of Be Lively, Matt heads to Cameron Park in Downtown Waco to climb Jacob's Ladder.

WACO, Texas — In our brand new web series, Be Lively, I'll adventure around Central Texas, finding the fun spots that make the Lonestar State so amazing. 

In the first episode, I visited a popular attraction right in our own backyard, Jacob's Ladder. This is located inside Cameron Park, a 400-acre sanctuary that runs through Waco and alongside the Brazos River. 

Jacob's Ladder is very popular among hikers in the park who come to climb the nearly 100 steep, zigzagged steps to the top. The "ladder" was supposedly built back in the early 1900s by a family who lived on top of the bluff.

Credit: Matt Lively
Credit: Matt Lively

Over the years, the park has renovated and restored the steps to make it what it is today. On weekends and during the cool hours of the day, the ladder can be very busy with people exercising.

I learned that finding the off-hours are definitely the best time to go as there aren't too many people climbing. There is so much shade that covers the ladder, that even during the hottest part of the day, the sun isn't always beating down on you. I did make the crucial first mistake of not bringing any water, and that wasn't wise.

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