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Internet Reacts | Viral video shows eye doctor take 23 contact lenses out of patient's eye

A TikTok has garnered more than a million views after New Beach Ophthalmologist Katerina Kurteeva removed 23 contact lenses from a patient's eyes.

CALIFORNIA, USA — A California Eye Clinic in Newport Beach has gone viral for their recent removal of 23 contact lenses from one of their patient's eyes. 

With over a million views, California Eye Associates Ophthalmologist Dr. Katerina Kurteeva M.D. warns of the dangers on Instagram of keeping contacts in your eyes for too long:

"A rare occasion when someone 'forgot' to remove contact lenses at night and kept putting in a new one every morning."  

The patient apparently kept putting a new contact lens in their eye for 23 days in a row without taking out the others, according to the Instagram post. 


One User, @nancycarranza1121,  reacted to the viral video with sympathy, saying: "Poor thing... you can tell she's an elderly woman.. she probably didn't think much of it a lot of older people think pain and discomfort is usually normal and take it as much as possible because they're old and think and feel no one cares."

Many other users also worried about the woman's health, another optometrist, (@Dry Eye Master) in the comments section, also mentioned that the patient could possibly be in need of a Dementia workup. To which Kurteva said that she was in the works of completing an exam with the patient. 

Other users commented on the longevity the patient had the lenses in for. One user wrote, " This would be where if I was a practitioner, I would not be writing her any scripts for contacts."  Another wrote, "Still blow away from this! I bet she loves blinking now." 


The following pictures below are the aftermath of the removal: 

According to Kurteeva, the video was posted to alert others on what can happen without proper care of your lenses and eyes. The Mayo Clinic gives good advice on how to take care of your contacts. Here are some tips:

How to take care of your eyes with contact lenses:

  • Always wash your hands 
  • Always use multipurpose solution
  • Don't wear your contacts in the shower
  • Replace contact lenses and cases as recommended

This information and more can be found here.

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