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Troy residents show support for high schooler battling cancer

16-year-old Koda Layton was shocked by how many people in Troy came to show their support and shave their heads in an act of love and support.

TROY, Texas — Once you got in line, there was no cutting out. Dozens in Troy came together on Tuesday night to shave their heads.

It wasn't a fashion statement, but rather a show of love and support for 16-year-old Koda Layton. The Troy High School junior was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in the summer.

“The worst thing you ever want to hear is that your kid has cancer, and to be 16 and to be such a trooper," Shalon Layton, his mother, said.

He starts his second round of chemotherapy on Monday, an effective treatment, but one that causes hair loss.

"The hair loss is just another side effect, he’ll be fine," Tanner and Sloan, two of Koda's friends, said. "I know he’d do it for us, if one of us got sick. He’s just one of those friends that would do anything for you, so we’ll go all out for him.”

Since he is battling cancer, Koda has been stuck at home. He's been unable to play football or attend school in-person.

“At home, we’re just treating it like I'm sick, missing out on a school day just sitting on the couch," he said. "Occasionally, I'll have some friends come over, just to talk to me. We try to have fun when we can.”

But to see his friends all in one place was special.

"It’s amazing, I didn’t think this many people would come and cut their hair for me," Koda Layton said.

The smile put on his face was all worth it for his friends.

“He looked pretty happy about it, it was nice," they said. "It was a good feeling. Worth it for sure, it’s just hair, it’ll come back.”

On Oct. 16, the Koda Strong Benefit will take place at Westphalia Parish Hall from 4-6 p.m. There will be food for $15 a plate and a live auction. All the money raised will go toward his hospital bills. 

You can also donate by using the money app Venmo and sending money to the user @ForKoda21.

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