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Belton ISD promotes counseling after stabbing, remains tight-lipped about incident

6 News asked Belton ISD the same questions many parents are asking after a student was stabbed and killed at Belton High School. Some were not answered.

BELTON, Texas — Belton ISD will resume High School classes Monday, May 9 after listening to feedback from students and parents on Thursday.

The district also went on camera for the first time since Tuesday's deadly stabbing, which happened at the school after a fight broke out between 18-year-olds Joe Ramirez and Caysen Allison, according to the Belton Police Department. Ramirez later died at the hospital from his injuries. Allison was arrested after the incident and charged with murder the next day. 

6 News spoke to BISD Executive Director of Communications Jennifer Bailey Thursday about counseling resources and the facts of the stabbing so far. 

Bailey said counseling is currently available in the Belton High School library and they have been getting counselors from other school districts as well. Students who go to other campuses should reach out to their specific campus. 

"We have partnered with a number of community resources who are reaching out wanting to help us and help our community. If our parent has that need at our campus level. I have no doubt the need can be met," Bailey said. 

Belton ISD parents and students should refer to the flyer below. The link to Belton ISD's Counseling corner is here.

Credit: BISD

The district was much less open about the actual timeline of the stabbing incident Tuesday morning. Bailey told 6 News that the incident happened at 9:45 a.m. when the student was stabbed. 

"We notified emergency responders at that time, put the school in lockdown and began assessing the situation and taking care of the student," Bailey said. 

Bailey was not able to expand on any events before or after the stabbing however. 6 News asked about the number of students in the bathroom, whether there was video available from the hall nearby for the police, whether the school district had any idea about a feud between the students ahead of time and whether suspect Caysen Allison had a GPS device related to a previous assault charge. Most questions received the same kind of response.

"Again, I can't answer that as part of the active investigation," Bailey said multiple times. 

6 News also asked Bailey what they would say to parents who still don't know what's going on, but whose student possibly saw blood in the hallway, or even the injured student when this occurred. 

"We have repeatedly assured our parents that we have every reason to believe that this was an isolated act of violence. We are fully cooperating with Belton PD. We are working to shore up our safety processes," said Bailey. 

Bailey was unable to provide any specifics on why the school district currently believes this was an isolated event. 

6 News asked also asked what polices the school district is considering to make the campus safer. Bailey didn't have specific policies to share, but said there were some safety processes under consideration.

"Generally speaking, that might mean more adults in the hallway, changing the way passing periods run on the campus, we might change the traffic flow of students on campus to make sure students aren't congregating. All of those details are being worked out today," Bailey said. 

While Belton High School students will be able to return to campus on Monday, Bailey said the district will be willing to give students more time to process the tragedy if needed. 

"If students don't feel safe they don't have to come back immediately. We will give people grace because we understand this has been a difficult circumstance for our entire community." Bailey said. "It's been gut-wrenching." 

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