BELTON, Texas — The Belton Police Department said on its website that it got three calls between 12:30 a.m. and 12:45 a.m. Tuesday about thrown objects hitting cars driving on I-14. 

One of the callers told police their car was hit by an egg, and another said a rock hit theirs.

Public information officer Paul Romer said police confirmed eggs were thrown. He also said officers didn't see the car that a caller said was hit by a rock, so they couldn't confirm what hit it or if there was any damage to the vehicle. 

The cars were hit between Loop 121 and FM 1670 on I-14, the department said. The department said it doesn't know from where the objects were thrown. 

Belton police questioned two juveniles in the area, but they said no arrests were made. 

"We were able to locate some juveniles leaving the area about a half mile away," Belton police deputy chief Larry Berg said. "They were interviewed and that information was given to the Temple Police Department to see if there's any correlation with what they're working." 

Romer said Belton police contacted Temple Police Department detectives about the incidents since two rocks were thrown off of overpasses in Temple recently. 

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"People know the difference between right and wrong, and hurting another person is always wrong," Berg said. "Come forward, come clean and get the things behind you."

Romer said the departments don't know if there's any connection between the incidents. 

Temple police said they got the call about the second rock throwing in Temple on Tuesday at around 10:16 a.m. 

Texas Department of Transportation officials said they've never seen anything like this in our area before. 

"The safety of our roadways in Texas is TxDOT's number one priority, and if you see something say something," TxDOT district public information officer Ken Roberts said. 

While there is no suspect information in any of the cases yet, police are asking everyone not t o panic as the investigation continues. 

"You can't let the act of a few people basically terrorize the behavior of the entire general public," Berg said. "What we recommend is that people go ahead and pay attention if they see people on the overpass that look suspicious make sure to call."