TEMPLE, Texas — David Medlock has lived in South Temple for five years. He said he likes the area, but power routinely goes out during storms.

Medlock said large trees have grown around the transformer in his backyard. As 6 News found out from previous stories, that situation is a recipe for outages.

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Medlock said he tried to contact both the City of Temple and Oncor about the issue over a few weeks and was told it may be his responsibility to trim the trees. But is that true? 

Oncor spokeswoman Kerri Dunn told 6 News Thursday there are very specific rules for trimming trees. 

Any low voltage lines going from the power line to a person's house are the home owner's responsibility. The rest of the lines and the transformer on the utility poll are high voltage and Oncor's responsibility. 

Medlock has a utility poll with high voltage lines in his backyard. 

He called Oncor again Thursday, and both the customer representative and Dunn told 6 News they would be looking into the situation. 

"I'll be passing on Mr. Medlock's information to our customer service representatives and they will look into that as soon as they can," Dunn said.   

Dunn said anyone with a concern about trees near power lines can call Oncor at 1-888-313-6862 to schedule an inspection. 

Regardless of where a high voltage line is, Dunn said home owners should not be working within 10 feet of those lines. 


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