TEMPLE, Texas — Two of the Little River-Academy firefighters who were arrested last Wednesday for boxing a woman in while using their red and blue emergency lights had posed as police officers at her house on May 1, according to the arrest affidavits. 

The woman told police John Burroughs and James Mercer came to her house the night of May 1, and they said to her they were trying to "serve her husband with a citation," the affidavits said. 

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The woman had video and audio of the incident, and she gave that to police. An investigator looked at the video, and heard Burroughs say he was with Bell County law enforcement. In the same video, Mercer said he was "with Burroughs" but refused to identify himself further, the affidavit said. 

The affidavit also said there was video of when the firefighters boxed the woman in on June 5. The video showed Joshua Adkins driving fast towards the woman's location and pull into the oncoming lane to block her car in as she approached the intersection of Spur 93 and FM 93, the affidavit said. 

The video also showed Mercer and Burroughs drive their vehicle behind the woman's car, then they flashed their red and blue lights. Adkins then got out of his vehicle with a handgun and walked toward her car as Burroughs and Mercer walked up from behind, the affidavit said. 

All three of them were charged for impersonating a public servant, and each of their bonds were set at $100,000. 

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