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Sounds of Chaos | Emergency calls roll in as more car accidents take place due to icy weather

Texas DPS said there were roughly 90 crashes in 24 hours when the winter weather came to Texas.

TEMPLE, Texas — As the sleet poured down on Central Texas and caused havoc on the roadways, those who are responsible to answer emergency calls did and will continue to do so as more weather comes this weekend.

"Look at the weather reports, if you don't have to be out, don't be out. But if you have to be out, be extra careful and think about that other person that is out there as well," Waco Fire Chief Gregory Summers said.

Chief Summers said there wasn't an incident Thursday that caused him major concern, but also knows it could happen, just like it did in Fort Worth earlier that day.

"We are always concerned about these types of incidents whether there is ice on the road or not. So, it does cause a sense of heightened awareness that we need to respond carefully and we need to make sure that our firefighters are safe," Chief Summers said.

There were nearly 100 accidents on the roads Thursday. According to Texas DPS, from Hillsboro to Belton, the area only sees about 25 accidents on a normal day.

"Luckily, we have not had the same type of situation like they did up in the metroplex yesterday but there are still several vehicle accidents here in town and it's keeping us busy as the days go by," Santos Soto with the Temple Fire Department said.

Emotions can run high for first responders because those who rescue us can see themselves in that same position.

"You know, that could be their family member, it could be their spouse, their kid, could be anybody," Soto said.

As we prepare for round two, officials ask that drivers give a little extra time for their commute. Also, avoid driving altogether if it is possible.

"We just hope that people heed the warnings," Soto said. "Don't drive if you don't have to and slow down if you do."

After all, going home is a goal for all of them.

"I want to make sure everyone goes home, so take your time getting there," said Chief Summers.

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