KILLEEN, Texas — A preliminary autopsy cited suicide as the cause of death for Christopher Alley Lee, a 28-year-old Killeen realtor whose body was found in rural Bell County days after he was reported missing.

The report states Lee died of a gunshot wound.

Officials said a weapon was recovered with Lee's body in the 1600 block of Shanklin Road.

Investigation into the owner and purchase of the weapon was forwarded to ATF and is still pending.

Lee was last seen by his roommate when he left their home in a silver SUV Sunday, his family said .

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Family members said his roommate told them the two had gotten into an argument Sunday night before Lee left. His wallet, phone and glasses were all left at his house, family members said.

The family said things were out of place and messy in Lee's room, which was out of the ordinary for him.

Janet Prang, Lee's boss at Gold Medal Realty Group, said he did not show up for work Monday morning, which she said is not like him.

"Christopher you had such a bright future and I wish that that brightness could've outshined the darkness," said Prang.

Christopher was known to everyone as a social butterfly and a jokester with a big heart. The family still trying to process the news.

"I'd never thought you'd leave me, I will always love you. Every single one of us is like we should've known something, and now only time will heal the wounds," said Christopher's mother Stacy Lilley.

Now Lilley and the rest of the family is on a mission to raise awareness about bullying, suicide prevention and helping other families facing similar battles.

"That's going to be my mission, to help families grieve and to prevent families from grieving," said Lilley.

While Christopher may not be here, the family is working to make sure his spirit lives on within them and this community.

"I need to get through every day of the rest of my life, and I will. We as friends and family will make a difference in Christopher's honor," said Lilley.

Family and friends will hold a private wake for Christopher Friday night in Killeen.

There will be a public get together for anyone wishing to pay their respects on Sunday afternoon at 1pm at Chalk Ridge Falls located at 5600 FM1670, Belton, TX 76513.

Lee's family released the following statement to KCEN6:

"We would like to thank Gold Medal Realtors for everything they did in getting the search party together today. Christopher was part of their family and he was very loved by them and he loved them!

"I want to thank everyone that came out to search with us this morning. I also want to thank everyone that shared and re-shared the Facebook post. Prayers are still needed for his family and all his friends.

"Thank you again for what you did for us. We appreciate it."

The final autopsy report is still pending from from the Southwest Institute of Forensic Dallas Office.