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'I saw Cedric kill and then bury them' | Cedric Marks recalls and brings in new witnesses after prosecutors rest their case

Some of the witnesses expressed they did not understand why they were testifying and why they were there on Marks' behalf.

BELL COUNTY, Texas — The State rested their case in the Cedric Marks trial on Friday, May 19 after five consecutive weeks of testimony. Marks is accused of murdering Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin back in 2019.  

Marks brought in multiple witnesses to wrap up week five, some even telling the jury they did not want to be there. 

Before witnesses took the stand, Marks asked the judge for a directed verdict, meaning this case would be thrown out because of insufficient evidence. Judge Steve Duskie denied the motion. 

Marks then brought in a bar owner, paralegal and K-9 handler for testimony. Their testimonies lasted no longer than 15 minutes. Some of the witnesses expressed they did not understand why they were testifying and why they were there on Marks' behalf.

Afterwards, Marks recalled former Temple detective, Corey Powell. He accused Powell of tampering with evidence, specifically changing location data on historical reports from Marks' phone.

"The state is dead set on protecting your credibility," Marks said.

Powell testified it would be very complex and nearly impossible to alter the data. 

After Powell's testimony, Marks recalled his alleged accomplice, Maya Maxwell. She is the woman who helped law enforcement find the bodies of Swearingin and Scott.

Maxwell and prosecutors were both frustrated with Marks' questions because they were similar to what she was asked in her first testimony.

Marks continued to rehash Maxwell's previous testimony, asking her if her story was still the same. He also asked Maxwell multiple times if she was lying to the jury to protect her plea deal. 

Maxwell says even though she lied in her initial interviews with officers, she was absolutely telling the truth throughout this trial.  

"My testimony won't change," Maxwell said.  

As Marks continued to question her, Maxwell confirmed to the jury Marks purchased background reports for Swearingin and Scott on her phone. 

"I looked up some people, and you looked up some people," Maxwell said. 

Marks brought up whether or not Maxwell put tape over Scott's mouth because he claimed Scott was making fun of her. Maxwell sternly says no.

"I never touched Jenna," Maxwell said. 

Marks asked if Maxwell put a bag over Scott's head to kill her. In frustration, Maxwell shook her head and said no again.

Maxwell then told the jury firmly, "I saw Cedric kill and then bury them."

The last witness to take the stand was Richard Hicks, a current school teacher. However in 2019, Hicks was working hand-in-hand with Marks at Title Boxing Club in Killeen. 

Hicks testified in the protection order hearing between Marks and Scott back in 2018. Hicks recalled an event where Scott came inside of the Title Boxing building. Hicks says as Marks and Scott exited the building, he saw a physical exchange between the two. 

Hicks says Scott was hitting Marks in a car while Marks was covering himself. 

Marks still has plenty more witnesses lined up for the next week of trial and plans to recall his former girlfriend, Rebecca Adney. Duskie says the earliest day for a verdict is May 26. 

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